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My journey into the world of art began by watching Mom. She could work magic with a bit of paint and a brush. I was fascinated by how she could transform a flat blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Now, several years later, I'm continuing in the footsteps I followed as a child watching Mom. Thanks for your inspiration and guidance!!!!

"If you don't try - you won't know you can...." Marie (Mom) Janssen

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"The Fiddler" (24 x 30)

Think I'm going to call this finished.   


Ready to start my next project.


  1. Sheila,

    I'm a co-worker of your sister Kathy. She has been keeping me up-to-date with your art work, but now that she's retiring (sad face for me, happy face for her), I've put your blog in my Google Reader. I'll always be able to follow your progress. Your work is so beautiful, inspired and a true feast for the eyes!

  2. Thank you so much Ronda for your comments.

    So happy for Kathy!!! and at the same time very jealous...(like you said, happy face for her, sad face for me)