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My journey into the world of art began by watching Mom. She could work magic with a bit of paint and a brush. I was fascinated by how she could transform a flat blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Now, several years later, I'm continuing in the footsteps I followed as a child watching Mom. Thanks for your inspiration and guidance!!!!

"If you don't try - you won't know you can...." Marie (Mom) Janssen

Gallery II

Click on an image for a larger view.  Unless otherwise noted, these paintings are available for sale.

 Late Summer Storm  
(24" x 18")

 Another White Combine Harvest  
(60 x 40 diptych) 
Currently on loan to Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennett
Background Information About this Piece:
As wheat farmers living on the high plains of Eastern Colorado, we are at the mercy of the weather.  Large super-storms like the one in this painting can wipe out an entire crop in the matter of minutes.  Hail storms such as this are often called "The White Combine"  and so, the title of this painting.

 The Red Sundress 
 (36" x 24" x 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas)
 Insights to this painting: 
The red sundress is more than a focal point of interest to bring a bit of color to the painting.

We are so small yet with confidence ~the red sundress~ we can face challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky; therefore the title, "The Red Sundress".  As you walk on the shores of life, face  challenges head on with confidence - but still hold onto your hat.  Another little insight to this painting.  Notice that she is walking along an empty shore away from the grassy dune.  It's OK to get out of your comfort zone.

 Nienhueser Farm 
(48" x 24")
Commission - Private Collection

 Gathering Storm
(36" x 24")

Nothing But Grass and Sky  
(48" x 30")
(Commission - Private Collection)
The client grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado and currently living in a big city.  He wanted a painting of a wide open landscape - no buildings, no trees, no fences - just grass and sky.


(18" x 24")
The yucca were in full bloom a couple of weeks ago.  Saw these beauties while driving through Western Nebraska on our way up to the Black Hills.  Think they are one of the most beautiful prairie wild flowers.


              The Good Life 
                                (18 x 24) 
                Commission - Private Collection
The clients were avid campers and wanted a painting of their camper by one of their favorite camping spots - along the Missouri River, near Yankton, SD.

Portrait of Parents
(18" x 24")
Commission - Private Collection

 The Guardian Angel
(18" x 24")

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
To whom God's love
commits me here,
Ever this day,
be at my side,
To light and guard,
Rule and guide.

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