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My journey into the world of art began by watching Mom. She could work magic with a bit of paint and a brush. I was fascinated by how she could transform a flat blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Now, several years later, I'm continuing in the footsteps I followed as a child watching Mom. Thanks for your inspiration and guidance!!!!

"If you don't try - you won't know you can...." Marie (Mom) Janssen

Friday, October 15, 2010

"... I Get It"

How do you feel when you finally figure out that elusive problem, the answer to the next question/challenge before you???? What do you think of when you hear the words, "Holy s---...I GET IT!!!".

Those three precious words "I GET IT" (along with the attention grabber of "holy s---)" is the focus of my next painting challenge. (Thanks Kathy for the idea, and to one of my students who originally utterd those precious words when she finally figured out how the periodic table was arranged.) How can I capture on canvas the image of a student "getting it"????

I don't have a solid plan yet, but thinking about a student with that look of revelation surrounded by a collage of various subject materials that finally she can make a connection with.....

Let's see where this journey takes me/us...... Please feel free to post comments about what you think about this project....additions??? corrections????

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